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It is located near Štip, on the coast of the river Bregalnica. The last archeological researches, discovers that the period of late antique and the early Christian period was fill out with plenty monuments. The late Roman period was in a good mood in the place of Bargala and the region of the river Kozjak. In the 4th and 5th century AD, Bargala became important and well known strong cultural and churchly center.

The city was spread on 5 hectares of land. It was protected by a walls with height of 2,2 meters. The Christian complex is contained by a 4 basilicas, 3 big and 1 small. And also there was e residence for the episcope. The city was in the part of the province middle Dachiya. In the literature is first mentioned in the year of 451 AD, in the list of the meeting of Halkedon, where the episcope Dardanius from Bargala is written right near the episcope Nikola from Stobi. The both of them were mentioned in the group of episcopes of Macedonia. Not far from Bargala was discovered the ruins of the ancient city of Astibo, near Štip.

In Macedonia were discovered around 130 basilicas in: mostly in the archeological sites, in villages and in rural places.


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  • It is fascinating that The fresco "Lamentation over the Body of Christ" in St. Pantelejmon was painted 140 years before Giotto's "Pieta"

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