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The Macedonian literature stagnated and developed very slow in the period before the Second World War, as a result of the denial of the Macedonian nation and its language. The forming of the People's Republic of Macedonia within the framework of SFRY the situation had changed and provided versatile development in the sphere of the social, cultural and political life.

After the war, in which numerous writers and artists took part, the first generation of poets appeared. Among them the most renowned were the names of Aco Shopov, Slavko Janevski, Blaze Koneski and others. The postwar period was characterized by creation of patriotic lyrics and the most famous songs of this kind are Ochi (The Eyes) by Aco Shopov, Cvetovi (The Blooms) by Slavko Janevski and others.

The 50's were signified by the appearance of the second poetic generation: Gane Todorovski, Mateja Matevski, Ante Popovski, Srbo Ivanovski and others. The third generation appeared at the beginning of the 60's and among them the most renowned are the names of: Vlada Uroshevic, Jovan Kotevski, Petre Andreevski, Radovan Pavlovski and others. 

At the beginning of the 60's there was noticeable influence of the modern world literature that resulted in creation of intimate and associative lyrics. 

The first generation of narrators were: Slavko Janevski, Georgi Abadziev, Stale Popov, Vlado Maleski, Kole Chashule, Jordan Leov and others. The first collection of narratives was published in 1947, titled Rastrel by Jovan Boshkovski. 

The most distinguished second generation narrators are: Simon Drakul, Dimitar Solev, Branko Pendovski, Cvetko Martinovski etc.

The representatives of the third generation narrators are: Tashko Georgievski, Zivko Chingo, Petre Andreevski, Vlada Uroshevic, Bozin Pavlovski and others. 

The first novels in the Macedonian literature dealt with the national revolution, history, country life, the life of the people in the Aegean Macedonia and others. At the beginning of the 60's, the Macedonian literature gained the features of modern world prose literature. 

After the Second World War, the first theatres were formed in Macedonia and the first Macedonian plays were written. However, during the 50's the Macedonian drama art started to develop with the new generation of the playwrights. The most distinguished playwrights of the second half of the 20th century are: Kole Čašule, Tome Arsovski, Zivko Čingo, Georgi Stalev, Branko Pendovski and many others.


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  • 2,764 meters is the height of Golem Korab, the highest peak in Macedonia

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