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Voydan Pop Georgiev - Černodrinski, was born in 1875 in village Selce, near Debar. The beginnings of the Macedonian theatre and Macedonian drama literature are connected with the name and the work of Yordan Hadzi Konstantinov - Dzinot, but the Macedonian drama art from that period, is mostly connected with the name of Voydan Pop Georgiev - Černodrinski.

Almost each of his screenplays treats the problem of the life and struggle of the Macedonian nation for freedom. Vojdan Chernodrinski encouraged the spirit of the Macedonians and suggested the idea that the time for showdown with the captor had come. That's how he supported the activities and actions undertaken for preparation of a future uprising in Macedonia, making the foreign observers to sympathize with the Macedonian nation.

"The Macedonian Bloody Wedding,
played in Sophia, 1900"

Voydan Černodrinski wrote several plays: Zlo za Zlo (Evil for Evil), Majostir (The Cratfsmen), Od glaata si patime (From our head we suffer), Duhot na slobodata (The spirit of the freedom), Srekja (Fortune). Nevertheless, his most famous play is the tragedy "Makedonska Krvava Svadba" (Macedonian Bloody Wedding".


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  • 729 BC, was the year when King Perdicca 1st found the Macedonian Kingdom

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