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The fourth parliamentary elections in the Republic of Macedonia, which were held on September 15, 2002 included the participation of 39 political parties, several coalitions (Together for Macedonia VMRO-DPMNE & LP), 1 group of voters and 1 independent candidate. A total of 1,660,860 voters were included in the Voter List. A total of 900 international observers monitored the elections. The campaign lasted for 40 days. The Members of Parliament were elected according to a new election regulative- the D'ontov model. The 120 Members of Parliament were elected out of the 3,000 candidates.

Results of the proportional list: Coalition "Together For Macedonia" - 528,312; VMRO DPMNE & LP - 264,457; DUI - 145,607; PDP, DPA - 64,025 and National Democratic Party - 26,853. Members of Parliament: Coalition "Together For Macedonia" - 60; VMRO-DPMNE & LP- 33; DUI - 16; PDP - 2; DPA - 7; NDP - 1; SP - 1 or total 120. Additionally, voting for another Member of Parliament was carried out on October 31, 2002. Branko Crvenkovski was given the mandate from the President to assemble the new Government.

"The parole of the Coalition "Together For Macedonia"

Government Ministers:
Coalition "Together For Macedonia: Radmila Sekerinska (SDSM), Vlado Popovski (SDSM) - ministers without Portfolio; Vlado Buckovski (SDSM) - minister of defense; Ilinka Mitreva (SDSM) - minister of external affairs; Hari Kostrov (SDSM) - minister of internal affairs; Ilija Filipovski (SDSM) - minister of ecology; Petar Gohsev (LDP) - minister of finance and vice premier of economical system; Slavko Petrov (LDP) - minister of agriculture, waterworks and forestry; Aleksandar Geshtakovski (LDP) - minister of local self government; Jovan Manasievski (LDP) - minister of labour and social politic; Blagoja Stefanovski (LDP) - minister of culture; Ljubomir Janev (LDP) - minister of urban planning.

DUI (Democratic Union for Integration): Musa Dzaferi - minister without Portfolio; Ismail Dardishta - minister of justice; Redzep Selmani - minister of health; Aziz Polozhani - minister of education.


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  • Ohrid, (the European Jerusalem) the city of the Slavic civilization used to have 365 churches

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