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There are glacial lakes on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. Their number is the largest. They are located in the highest parts of the country, in the highest mountains between the attitudes of 1,500 meters and 2,300 meters above the sea level. They are usual small, with from of a circle, lakes that contain clear and clean blue-green water. That's why they are known as "Gorski Oci" - Mountain Eyes. 

There are 39 glacial lakes on the Šar Mountain, of which 27 belongs to Macedonia. Of those 27, 8 are temporary and 19 are always filled with water. As largest and most important are: Bogovinsko, Crno, Belo, Golem Gjol, Mal Gjol, Krivošinsko lake, Golemo Dedelbeško, Malo Dedelbeško, Gorno Dobroško and Dolno Dobroško. The Bogovinsko lake is the biggest one and covers an area of 67,000 sq meters. It's depth is 2,2 meters and length 452 meters and width 225 meters. It is located of 1,960 meters above the sea level.

On the Baba mountain near the highest peak Pelister 2,600 meters above the sea level, there are two glacial lakes: Golemo Lake and Malo Lake. The lake Golemo (on the picture), is settled at an attitude of 2,218 meters above the sea level and it's length is 223, and width 162 meters. It's depth is 14,6 meters. It is the deepest glacial lake in Macedonia and the water it gets from the rains.

Gorski Oci - Glacial Lake at Pelister

On the Jablanica mountain settled in the eastern part of the Ohrid lake, there are 4 glacial lakes: Podgorsko, Vevčansko, Gorno Labuniško and Dolno Labuniško. The largest lake is Podgorsko.


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