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Located at the height of 270 m at the bottom of the mountain Belasica, 12 km southeast from the city of Strumica. The spa-resort has an artificial lake 8 km, from the spa-resort. The waters emerging from the springs of the Bansko spa are considered the hottest in Macedonia.

Their temperature reaches 720C. They assist in the treatment of diseases of the digestive organs, breathing, lung, different rheumatic and intestinal diseases, all gynecological diseases, disorders of the nervous system, sterility, and rehabilitation after heart attacks.

Tzar Samoil hotel at the spa-complex

The hotel "Car Samoil" is included in the spa-resort-picture, a high 2nd class hotel. The hotel capacity is 265 beds, 165 basic and 100 additional. The hotel possesses two indoor swimming pools: one for treatment purposes only, the other one for recreational sports purposes. There is available for the guests a modern restaurant with capacity of 450 seats, aperitif bar, restaurant, sweet-shop, two open terraces, billiard room and disco-club. In the hotel, there is a medical facility furnished with modern equipment for physiotherapy (Hubert's bath, a bath for underwater massage, and equipment for all kinds of therapy), baths and showers for treatment.

The spa-resort has an additional 280 beds available in the 3rd and 4th class.


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