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It is situated 20 km to away from Skopje, on the Skopje-Veles (E-75) road. The favorable influence of the waters of this spa-resort was recognized for the first time by the Romans, as testified by the remainders of constructions from Roman times found in the area of the spa-resort: obviously the ancient population of this area, also used to exploit the waters. In the immediate vicinity of the spa-resort there are numerous springs with hot and cold mineral waters. Each of them is characterized by a completely different chemical composition, temperature and quantity of water. The water in the hottest spring is 500C high, and is used for therapeutic purposes.

Katlanovo spa

Near the spa-resort, there are long cracks which reach 350 m and from where hot steam and hot water emerge. There are sulfur, alkali-coal and cold earth-alkali acid waters.

In the complex of the spa-resort, there is a special hospital for rheumatic diseases, with residential and therapeutic departments, equipped with modern devices and instruments, as well as with rooms for physio-therapy and rehabilitation. The hospital liases with appropriate clinics at the Medical faculty in Skopje and employs a full range of expert medical staff for diagnosis and therapy ( specialist -physicians, medical nurses, physio- therapists, midwives).

The waters of Katlanovska Banja are believed to be curative of many rheumatic diseases, neurological and orthopedic diseases, chronic diseases of the digestive organs, of kidneys and of the urinary tract, diabetes in mild forms, as well as chronic gyneacological diseases.

The availability of modern accommodation provides the conditions for residential tourism. The rest-home in the spa-resort possesses 220 beds and a kitchen for general and dietry nutrition. In the Home of the Pensioners, there are 50 beds, and also, in the Home of Disabled Workers. Private accommodation is also available, with the capacity of 100 beds in total.

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