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Čair (Чаир) - Municipality in Greater Skopje
Municipal seat: Skopje (Скопје)
Status: Urban municipality
Covers Area: sq km
Location: Northern part of R. Macedonia and central part of Greater Skopje district.
Neighboring municipalities: Karpoš, Čair, Centar and Butel municipality.

Populated places

  • Bitpazar
  • Dukjandzik
  • Old Bazzar
  • Star Čair
  • Nov Čair
  • Topaana
  • Topansko Pole
  • Jaja Paša

NOTE: By the 2003 territorial division of Macedonia, parts of municipality of Centar were given to the Čair municipality.

Municipality: Population: According to:
Čair 60,769 1994 Census
64,773 2002 Census


Monuments of the nature:

Monuments of the culture:


  • Skopje
  • Berovo
  • Bitola
  • Gevgelija
  • Kriva Palanka
  • Ohrid
  • Popova Šapka
  • Prilep
  • Štip

  • The sun crystal that Alexander The Great used to blind his Persian enemies, can be found only in Macedonia