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The Galičnik village is located in the western part of the Republic of Macedonia, on the Bistra mountain in the Mavrovo National Park, 17 km away from the "Zare Lazarevski" ski resort in Mavrovo, while from Gostivar is 54 and from the capital of Macedonia, Skopje is 121 km away. Today it's unpopulated, but it represents a weekend settlement for those who originate from it and for many tourists. Galičnik is the center of the Miyak region and represents a synonym of authenticity, master engravers, art, national revival.

As an answer to the wild and picturesque, at moments even brutal nature, as a dialog about the dexterity of creation, the inspired and tireless Miyak has raised his place of residence, spread out over the steep mountainous terrain at an elevation of 1360-1460 meters above the sea level.

The old Galičnik house is complete architectural creation. Based on logical, spatial organization, it makes an impression of rationality and balance. There is no doubt, it's a creation with greatest architectural quality in our popular building. There is hotel "Neda", also church named "Sts. Petar & Pavle". This village has it's tradition, the Galičnik Wedding.

Nearly within four decades, with small interruptions, on Petrovden (12th July), an attractive tourist manifestation called "Galičnik Wedding" is held - unique of this kind in our country and wider.

The Galičnik Wedding in its existence as an annual manifestation, contributed in keeping alive the wedding customs and rituals of the inhabitants of this region, in order to preserve the original folk songs, dances (in Macedonian Ora), and the famous Galičnik traditional costume - made with filigree tailors accuracy, i.e. to preserve Galičnik which during the 1970-ies was brought to the brink of its existence. So, this manifestation was actually the reason why, in 1974, the path through Bistra leading from Mavrovo to Galicnik was paved with asphalt. This pavement, enabled the renovation of the Galičnik houses (which are with very specific and authentic architecture), and even new ones were built. All this allowed the return of life in Galičnik, and life was present in Galičnik from "Gjurgjovden" to "Mitrovden" i.e. from Spring till Fall. Efforts are made to keep the village alive throughout the whole year.

The Galičnik Wedding is rich in original, unique and unrepeatable wedding customs and rituals. During the wedding days, the "zurla" clucks and the "tapan" echoes from Galičnik to Reka. Those companions (the "zurla" and the "tapan") of the migrant workers (in Macedonian, pechalbarite), always announce the Galičnik Wedding.

Еven nowadays a verse from an old song remains true. The singer, on this day (Petrovden), through this verse tells the Galičnik migrant worker (in Macedonian, Pečalbar): "Wherever you are - for Petrovden be at home!" And it was, and is true: The Galičnik migrant workers spread all over the world, regret neither money nor time to be at home on this day - among their own.

Every year, many customs take place during the Galičnik Wedding: the expectation of the "tapani", "Svekrvino oro" (the dance of the mother in law),the taking of the bride to the village fountain (Upija) for water, the hanging of the wedding flag, the invitation of the dead, the shaving of the groom, the baking of the bread, the wedding itself in the church "Sts. Petar and Pavle" and many other customs, which are dying slowly, containing and hiding many details of the life of Galičnik people in the past...


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  • It is fascinating that The fresco "Lamentation over the Body of Christ" in St. Pantelejmon was painted 140 years before Giotto's "Pieta"