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The Mavrovi Anovi (Inns of Mavrovo) village is located in the western part of the Republic of Macedonia, on the Bistra mountain in the Mavrovo National Park, and on the northern shore of the artificial Mavrovo Lake. From the capital Skopje, is some 115 km away, while from Gostivar approximately 51 km.

The name Mavrovi Anovi which from a English direct translation, means Inns of Mavrovo, was given because the new settlement was built by a large number of hotels and cottages, place for tourist and because of the Mavrovo region. This place has several advantages being on the main road that connects Gostivar and Debar, because many people pass through it, every day.

It used to be the seat of the Mavrovi Anovi municipality, one of the largest municipalities in Macedonia, but the municipality seat was taken to Rostuše. There are several shops, gas station and hotels. Many people can be seen during the winter months in this region.


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  • The fertile imagination of woodcarvers, the exquisite patterns of Macedonian carpets and the filigree working of gold and silver are all parts of the rich creative tradition of this people