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The Mavrovo village is located in the western part of the Republic of Macedonia, on the Bistra mountain in the Mavrovo National Park, and on the western shore of the artificial Mavrovo Lake. From the capital Skopje, is some 120 km away, while from Gostivar approximately 56 km.

The name Mavrovo which means Black Field (Crno Pole), was given after a great battle in the area. After 1953, when the damn of the artificial lake was built the largest part of the Mavrovo village, was flooded. Proof of that can be seen even these days - the old church St. Nikola, which can be seen in the waters of the lake. The rest of the village was moved to a new location, where can be seen today under the "Zare Lazarevski" ski-resort.

Today the village remains populated, and almost all the local work during the winter in the ski-resort. Also there are more than 500 cottages built.


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  • 2,764 meters is the height of Golem Korab, the highest peak in Macedonia