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The Tresonče village is located in the western part of the Republic of Macedonia, on the Bistra mountain in the Mavrovo National Park, but in the region of Reka, also known as Miyak region. It belongs to the group of upper villages of the mountainous Miyak region, and it is the oldest settlement in this area, with lots of stories that are told about its attractiveness. It is a village with three churches built during different time periods.

Therefore, according to certain sources, the village got its name from the Latin words tre sanchi, which translated mean three churches. Other sources claim that the village got its name from the monastery Treskavec, whereas this settlement represented an integral part of its property. It is not possible to determine with certainty which one of these theories is correct. The only fact that remains is that Tresonče has attracted attention forever, and therefore represented a topic for numerous thesis and discussions.

One of the characteristics of the population of Tresonče is that they, like all other Miyaks, are famous for their ritual approach towards everyday events, and additionally, for their inborn sense of beauty and esthetic forms. All this reflects in the construction of their homes, especially in their interior. Master building constructors, as well as fresco-artists, with their skilful hands decorated walls and ceilings of houses with all sorts of elements and ornaments in different colors, and therefore maintained the feeling of visual richness and inner purity for the tenants.

In their settlements, Miyaks paid special attention to obligations and duties resulting from their orthodox religion. They started to replace their initial sanctuaries (caves, cavities and niches in rocks) with churches. Today, these churches, for many connoisseurs and lovers of beautiful architecture are easily recognizable by their harmony, but also by the exceptionally abundant fresco-artistic compositions – works of the local fresco-artists and engravers.

When discussing the mastery of Miyak building constructors, one can not avoid but to mention the ones belonging to the Renzovci family from Tresonče. Andreja Damjanov is one of the most famous members of this family, and he is the constructor of several architectural masterpieces that even today, serve as a studying material and can teach us a lesson with their perfect beauty.

Dičo Krstev from the Lekovci family, also known as Dičo the fresco-artist (Zograf), also comes from Tresonče, and he is the most famous and most fruitful artist from this region, under whose control and guidance artworks of Miyak artists were corrected and completed. His work, represented in many icons and frescos, extends to many churches and monasteries around Macedonia and farther.

These unique cultural and artistic values belong to the sphere of the highest human civilization achievements and therefore, people from Tresonče proudly talk about their origins and birthplace, carrying forward their inherited ideal of beauty, and fighting against the painful bitterness of forgetfulness.

Today the village is almost abandoned, but there are many cottages built.


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