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Vraneštica is a village, in the south-eastern part of the Kičevo plain. It is just 12 km from Kičevo and 1,1 km from the local road Kičevo-Demir Hisar. The village is on altitude of about 660 meters above the sea level, on a terrain of hills.

There is a primary school in the village and also house of the culture, WW 2 monument, shops and a brick factory. Vraneštica has three churches, St. Ilija, mentioned in a 13th century script, St. George and St. Nikola not known when it was built. In 1961 the village had 745 people, while in 1994 only 496. The locals do agriculture and pottery, while the pottery is a way of life for more than 5,000 years.


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  • 976 AD, was the year when the medieval Macedonian state was formed by Samoil