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The Church St. Holy Mother of God Perivleptos - St Clement: This church is located in the old part of the city, near the Upper Gate. It is one of the most beautiful and oldest churches in Ohrid. It was built in 1295.

The fresco painting in this church represent some of the first works of the most prestigious Macedonian icon-painters Michail and Eftihije. On the walls of this church, with extraordinary vitality and power, those two icon-painters have painted scenes from the life of Christ and the mother of God. After the destruction of Clement's church St. Pantelejmon, the relics of St. Clement were transferred here, and ever since the citizens of Ohrid named the church St. Clement. When the biggest church in Ohrid, St. Sophia, was transferred to a mosque, St. Holy Mother Perivleptos became synod Ohrid Archbishop. In this period, many church items, manuscripts, icons, books were transferred here, some of them preserved today. In this church is housed the most beautiful gallery of medieval icons, (numbering 30 in total). Each of these icons has high value and artistic quality.


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