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In the valley if the river Kadina, south of the village Sušica we find the Markov Manastir (the Monastery of Marko) with a church dedicated to St. Dimitrija (Demetrius). In the monastery grounds there are old monuments and other out-houses. A country road leads to the monastery. 

Historical sources tells us that the church was reconstructed by King Volkashin and completely finished and frescoes by his son King Marko during the period (1366-1371). The church is built of wrought stone and rows of bricks on which interesting patterns are engraved. The entire interior of the church is frescoed. Two differently qualified artists stand out in the frescoes of Markov Manastir. It is an inescapable fact that after a stylistic analysis the frescoes in this church show the participation of several artists. "The Lament of Rachel" is one of the most interesting compositions since it shows a sad human drama, the grief over the massacred Innocents, most realistically. In the church remains of the original stone iconostasis are preserved. In the monastery complex is the refectory which dates from the foundation it self.

According to historical sources  the monastery operated without interruption during the Turkish rule in these areas and had many friars. It is recorded that Kiril Pejčinović known for his literary work, stayed here.


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