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Jegunovce (Јегуновце)
Municipal seat: Jegunovce (Јегуновце)
Address: Municipality of Jegunovce, 1215 Jegunovce
Status: Rural municipality
Covers Area: 176,93 km2
Location: North-western part of the country, in the northern part of Polog valley and the valley of Vardar & Žeden & Šar (Planina) mountains

Populated places (villages):

NOTE: By the 2003 territorial division of Macedonia, the rural municipality Vratnica was attached to Jegunovce.

Municipality: Population: According to:
Jegunovce 10,790 Territorial Division 2003
Jegunovce 7,013 1994 Census
7,227 2002 Census
Vratnica 3,720 1994 Census
3,563 2002 Census


Monuments of the nature:

  • Jasika - Legally Protected
  • Ploča - Proposed to be legally protected
  • Ljuboten (peak on Šar Planina-2,499 meters, above Vratnica, Belovište, Staro Selo & Rogačevo villages) - Proposed to be legally protected
  • Waterfall Dolna Skala - River Rakita, by Vratnica village - Proposed to be legally protected


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  • The sun crystal that Alexander The Great used to blind his Persian enemies, can be found only in Macedonia