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The collection and the publishing of the Macedonian folk art was especially important as a contribution for the raise of the Macedonian nation as a separate entity. The folk art especially contributed to the preservation of its national individuality, publishing, raising its capability to create art. This is especially important considering the fact that the Macedonian nation was subjected to assimilation and in a position to defend and prove itself to the world.

The interest for the folk art especially increased in the period of the Renaissance. The representatives of the Romanticism started to collect folk songs, stories and other art. This activity was especially important as the folk art unambiguously confirmed the individuality of the Macedonian nation, which was especially important in the struggle against the Greek, Bulgarian and Serbian chauvinist propaganda, as an expression of their imperialistic aspirations towards Macedonia.

"Jordan Hadzi Konstantinov"

The activity of collection of folk art was most intensive in the second half of the 19th century. The famous collectors were: the brothers Dimitar and Konstatin Miladinov, Rayko Žinzifov, Yordan Hadzi Konstantinov - Dzinot, Kuzman Šapkarev, the Molerov brothers and others.

"Dimitar Miladinov"


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  • Macedonia is not a province in Greece, but a Balkan country, although parts of Macedonia can be found in Greece and Bulgaria

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