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After the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in the First Balkan War, Serbia, Monte Negro and Greece started a war against Bulgaria. The reason was the partition of Macedonia. In this new conflict, called Second World War, Romania and the Ottoman Empire joined the countries that were fighting against Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Kingdom was defeated. Macedonia was partitioned into three parts: the Vardar part came under Serbia, the Aegean part under Greece, and the Pirin Macedonian under Bulgaria.

The most eminent representatives of the Macedonian nation all those years struggled for positive solution of the Macedonian problem. They wanted the Macedonian language to become link of the chain of the Slavonic languages. It was proved through the plays written by Vasil Iljoski, Anton Panov, Risto Krle, as well as the famous poetics of Kočo Racin, Kole Nedelkovski and some other poets between the two World Wars.

The appearance of the Macedonian playwrights between the two World Wars has deep roots in the national movements from that time. First of all it is about the eternal desire of the Macedonians - to talk between each other in their native language, and this native language to become equal with the other languages in the world.


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  • Ohrid, (the European Jerusalem) the city of the Slavic civilization used to have 365 churches

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